Open Science Framework/Center for Open Science

Does anyone have any experience with (or know anyone involved in) the Open Science Framework/Center for Open Science? It would be great if these organizations had a representative attending GOSH 2017 since there seems to be a lot of overlap in values. I think most would agree that it’s important to consider how open science hardware fits within the broader context of open science (e.g., increased transparency, reproducibility and advocacy for changing the scientific culture to make it more effective and democratic).


Hey Ryan,
I have wondered the same. I am using the OSF for some of my research data sharing and would love to have closer contacts. I am contemplating about developing a DocuBricks plug-in there so that hardware documentations can be hosted on the OSF. They also just announced and interesting engineering pre-print service.

Yes, I know the folks at COS quite well. I talked with them about licensing when they were launching (I was at CC at that time), and have kept in touch with them over time. I had discussions with them last year about hosting a journal.

They are doing a great job with OSF, and OSF seems to have some traction and quite a bit of support. But I am not sure if they are relevant to open hardware. Sure, open science yes, but there are literally hundreds of organizations which share the same values vis a vis open science. COS is not any closer to the vision of open hardware than any other of these orgs.

From my understanding, COS is trying to build an open platform for documenting research projects, sharing data, etc., which seems to me like a place where open hardware instruments might consider pushing data, digital protocols, etc… I wonder if they would have any interest in supporting these use cases?

We are currently thinking about building our own cloud-based infrastructure for storing data, sharing protocols, etc. and I know that @gbathree and PhotosynQ have put a lot of effort into building their own platform (probably many others have too…). It seems like for an “open” community, we should be finding ways to collaborate on these aspects of development. If there were an existing open platform that we could leverage to build this type of functionality, I for one would be happy to use it and would gladly contribute. Even if people choose to build their own platforms, it would be nice to support some for of integration (maybe this is already possible?).

Basically, I have the feeling that other people in the GOSH community might be interested in collaborating on platforms/ecosystems to support open hardware, but I don’t know what umbrella organization makes sense to coordinate this activity. Maybe not COS, but can anyone offer alternatives that we should consider? Or maybe we should be trying to do this under the banner of GOSH?

As another example of how COS might fit, I think their Open Badges initiative could be easily extended to cover hardware/software.