Open humans, anyone used it?

Anyone familiar with them? I’m on their email list, they have a call coming up, curious to hear more but not sure if I have the time, would love to get two cents from someone -->


Two announcements: our first community call on December 10, and a new data source (GitHub).

Community Call: Thanks to feedback from interested members, we’ve scheduled community calls to occur on the second Tuesday of each month. That means our first call will be next Tuesday, December 10th!

Call information:

Meetings plan to highlight updates, new projects, brainstorming ideas, and anything else community members find relevant. Our first call includes invitations to two project creators to share: Karolina Alexiou (GitHub data import) and Rogier Koning (Nobism symptom tracking & cluster headache patient community).

GitHub data import: If you’re a programmer, you might be familiar with GitHub – it’s where many programmers store and share their code. Karolina Alexiou has added a new data source that aggregates your GitHub activity (e.g. commit metadata), as well as a visualization of your own data using GitHub notebooks. You can generate a word cloud from your commit messages!

You can add the new data source here:
And explore her data visualization notebook here:

Thanks for being part of Open Humans!

Mad, on behalf of Open Humans


@gbathree I’m not familiar with Open Humans but I know Bastian through Mozilla things (MozFest, Science Lab, and Open Leaders). He might have even been part of the open science floor when you and I met at MozFest back in 2014(?). There’s a little more detail about Bastian and Open Humans on this recent MozFest blog.

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