Open Hardware Track at OpenTechSummit Thailand

Are you in the Asian region at the beginning of October? FOSSASIA and OpnTec are organizing the OpenTechSummit Thailand from October 1-2, 2019 in Bangkok in cooperation with the UNESCO and the National Innovation Agency. There is a dedicated Open Hardware track on October 2.

We would love to welcome more International Open Hardware engineers and FOSS developers. Through the support of our sponsors we have a limited number of complimentary tickets available for contributors and community members. Please sign up on the website.

Address: The Knowledge Exchange: KX, 110/1 Thanon Krung Thon Buri, Bangkok, Thailand

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Thanks for posting!

I just rebooked my flight to be able to join for the 2nd day of the open tech summit.
(on my way from zurich to taipei for upcoming Hackteria HLabX activities…- stay tuned)

Hope to meet many new people and inspire to work on science related hardware, beyond the drone and robot hypes.

who else from earlier Gosh’ers is there?


I won’t be in the region until Oct 11, but if any GOSHers will be passing through Singapore, you can hit me up if you need a place to crash.

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Thanks for posting this!
I had a great time in Bangkok and mingled with the local FOSSASIA scene. I think the event was great! Interesting to have a lot of youth/kids helping out as volunteers and getting involved in the open source discussions.
I have presented some projects from the hackteria network, many DIY science equipments, some reflections on DIY microscopes, the role of Kits vs. Knowledge and finished with our shared experiences to establish the Global Open Science Hardware network.
See my slides here:

let’s keep cross-posting our regional events and participate with our overlapping interestst.