Open Future Fellowship 2023 due 2022-12-31!

In case anyone sees this and somehow has time to write a fellowship application in a few days (deadline 31 December 2022!), below is a possibly relevant fellowship for doing open projects in 2023 from the Creative Commons mailing list:

Open Future is looking for two fellows to help advance digital public space and design the future of open. The fellowship will start in 2023 and last for 12 months.

This is an opportunity for researchers and practitioners to conduct individual projects, centered around either digital public space or the future of open. Fellows will benefit from the exposure and engagement with the field, the network, and the (peer) mentoring of team members.

Open Future encourages applications from people with various professional backgrounds, such as those in non-profit, policy, and research fields. We also encourage applicants from diverse regions and diverse academic disciplines to apply.

Applications are due 31 December 2022. More at: Open Future Fellowship 2023 – Open Future

If this is not of direct interest for you, we would appreciate you sharing it with your network!

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Dear Pen,

I’m interested, by knowing me as much as you do, would you think it’s feasible? I’m scared a bit about not having anything related to open to list on my CV.

(also, would you be willing to see a draft of the letter if I manage to send one - or do you have a conflict of interest?).

Here’s my academic career, maybe it’ll help you answer the first question above:

(Please don’t be nice to me as at the stage I’m in, false hopes are the last thing I need).


Fyi, i checked with the organization about if it was open to non-EU people and they confirmed it is!

It also seems like thr application isn’t too big, mostly just a cv and project description, so go for it folks!

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Hi @haris,

I agree with @hikinghack, if you have time in the next few days to do this, I think you might as well give it a shot! I suspect the competition will be intense, so honestly the success rate will not be high for anyone, but like any other application your success rate will be 0% if you don’t try… :sweat_smile:

I don’t personally know those people, I just saw the announcement in a Creative Commons mailing list. So no conflict of interest as far as I know…

hey @hikinghack mate thanks, though I am an EU citizen anyway, hehe :slight_smile:

really, many thanks for checking for me though!

Best WIshes,

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Dear @hpy Pen, thanks for this, I’ll see if I can cobble together a coherent 400-word project description, I need to do a bit more research though on the topic rather than just go by my instinct (though my instinct has led me to good places before). I may run the general idea by you to get a thumbs up, if i have time (i probably won’t start work/research tonight).

Thanks for the help guys!!
Best Wishes,

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