Open Ephys is hiring! Support, Training, Development roles

Hi everyone!

We have open positions in both the user-facing scientific team in Lisbon, Portugal (Scientific Support, Training & Outreach) and the engineering team in Atlanta, Georgia (Electrical Engineer, Assistant - coming soon).

Open Ephys develops, produces and distributes open source hardware and software for neuroscience research. Go to Careers ā€” Open Ephys to learn more and apply!

Feel free to reach out to me if you have questions about these roles: I lead the user-facing scientific team in Lisbon. Iā€™d really appreciate if you could share with potential candidates or other spaces with relevant interests. Thank you!


Hello @ChucklesOS, thanks for sharing this exciting opportunity! I have a biology background and as a GOSH Community Council member who helps manage this big community, some of the roles look very enticing.

I see that the roles are based either in Atlanta in the US or Lisbon in Portugal. Are they fully onsite/in-person positions, or do you hire people who work remotely?