Open call: ACTION is looking for new and ongoing citizen science projects

just got informed about this call. it’s through Horizon 2020, so kinda means EU and other affiliated countries, which “theoretically” involves about 130 other countries… all except the big “other” ones, like USA, China, Brazil, etc… (cos they have other agreements)

ACTION is looking for new and ongoing citizen science projects related to any form of pollution in Europe and worldwide. Successful applicants will receive €20,000 to help deliver a six-month pilot with the help of the ACTION team. The funding can be spent on salaries, equipment, consumables, travel, subcontracting to other entities, and indirect expenditure (calculated as 25% of the total direct costs), in accordance with Horizon 2020 guidelines.

ACTION will provide funding for a six-month pilot, alongside dedicated acceleration activities, resources and tools to set up and run the pilot. In a series of workshops you will have the chance to co-design and try out the tools and work together with the ACTION team to tailor the support you need to achieve your goals. You will have access to a community of like-minded initiatives, tackling similar challenges and contributing to common aims.


so, shall we?
mercury, water microbes, microplastics… or??

seems so apropo with AGiR! too… (my Colombia stuff is with Mas Arte, Mas Accion - pls excuse lack of accents, all hispanophones… besos) let’s try with Roger and Hammerdirt?