Open Auto Club on eVOLVER Continuous Culture Platform (Fri 8 March)

Hi All

I thought some of you might be very interested in this Open Auto Club meeting!
Open Auto Club is a monthly call and Google Group on open automation for biology/biotech, led by Tim Dobbs.


Open Auto Club will meet next on Friday, March 8 at 9am Pacific / 12pm Eastern / 17h UK / 1am Taiwan time. I apologize to those of you who were unable to join last time because of country lock-outs. It won’t be an issue this time.

We’ll hear from Zack Heins (formerly of The Khalil Lab at BU) about his work building eVOLVER, an open-source continuous bioreactor platform. I’m personally really excited about this - the original eVOLVER paper was one my original inspirations for how open-source automation could support cutting-edge microbiology. In addition to having a robust open-source community, you can also just buy one if you have more money than time and still want a microbioreactor array.

Zack’s talk will be titled eVOLVER Continuous Culture Platform for High-Throughput, Automated Microbial Growth. Here’s a little more from him:

The use of continuous culture techniques is recently experiencing a revival as the development of high throughput -omics techniques demands higher throughput methods for cell growth. The two most common technologies that serve this purpose are bioreactors, which are highly controllable but low-throughput, or batch cultures, which are high-throughput with limited control. eVOLVER - an automated high-throughput continuous cell culture platform - was designed to facilitate this growing need, allowing for parallel continuous culture reactions with precisely controlled dynamic environmental conditions. Built with open-source software and hardware, eVOLVER provides experimental freedom to scientific researchers by being rapidly configurable to meet the specific needs of any given lab. In this talk, some examples of different uses of eVOLVER are highlighted to demonstrate the variety of ways cell growth automation can enable biological discoveries and insights.

Looking forward to seeing you all there!



JM addition: For Zoom link etc visit (and join!) the Open Auto Club Google Group