Online event - Reflect, unlearn, reframe: Community care in times of digital burnout 2023-03-31

For those of us interested in community governance and community-building, I’d like to share this event organised by the Turing Way, a highly active open source community. I know from experience that the Turing Way’s events are fantastic, and will try to attend this one myself. (full disclosure: I have previously spoken at one of their events)

On 31 March, 14:00-15:30 London time (UTC+1) (in your timezone): the next Fireside Chat will take place on “Reflect, Unlearn, Reframe: Community care in times of digital burnout”.

Facilitated by Patricia Herterich (Open Life Science) and Eirini Zormpa (The Alan Turing Institute), this panel will feature their insights along with Mayya Sundukova (Open Life Science), Chris Hartgerink (Liberate Science) and Agnes Kiragga (African Population Health Research Council). These individuals represent different professions in research and data science, and bring experiences and knowledge of working with different communities (read their bios below), holding roles as both providers and receivers of Community Care.

Exploring experiences and examples in research and open science communities, this session will be structured to discuss this vast topic through three lenses:

  • Reflect: All speakers will share their perspectives on the topic of community care while participating in and managing online communities.
  • Unlearn: They will then explore what “intentional” learning and unlearning they have seen for fostering healthier and nurturing communities.
  • Reframe: The final part of the discussion will examine individual and collective actions that impact structural and systemic change, creating a better more supportive work culture in the digital age.

We will also facilitate open discussions with attendees to learn about their perspectives on the topic via a shared document (links shared upon registration). The last 15-20 minutes of the panel discussion will NOT be recorded to allow active interactions and questions from the audience.

This event is being co-hosted by The Turing Way - a community-led handbook on data science and research and Open Life Science - a training and mentoring programme for people interested in applying open principles in their work and becoming Open Science ambassadors in their communities.

The Fireside Chat series features experts, champions and their projects from across different international communities in reproducibility, open research, ethics, collaboration and everything in between. We invite interested communities to get in touch with us to host the next session (email: and help catalyse cross-community collaboration and knowledge sharing.


Found the link for the talk, if required.

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Ah!!! Thank you @DrBrian, I completely forgot to include the link… :rofl: :sweat_smile: