One week left to apply for GOAT! 🐐

The gathering will bring together the nascent open ag tech community to meet, learn, share, and establish a common vision for creating open technologies for our food system.

We’re still taking applicants for the Gathering for Open Ag Technology, which will be in Rhinebeck NY on May 7 -9. We will have some funding for travel, application process similar to GOSH, so please apply or pass along to your networks.

Conference page:

if you liked GOSH, I’m hoping you’ll like this so please apply! :slight_smile:

One DAY left… yikes, so now’s the time to apply. If you’ve been putting it off, please please go do it now. if you have a perfect list-serve that would be a great fit, please post it there or let me know and I’ll post it there. We already have a pretty good pile of applicants, but more is always better.