One hour Covid test protocol using OT-2, plus another open source pipetting robot

Interesting to see the OpenTrons OT-2 mentioned in this 1-hour Covid test protocol:

Bonus, a low-cost open source pipetting robot:


and one more World Wide Series | Open Neuroscience - 02/04/2021 - Anton Nikolaev and Pavel Katunin - YouTube

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I’m so glad to see so much work going on in OSH pipetting bots :partying_face:

A couple mates and I are also making one from scratch, also with It’s own GUI.

It’s certainly not ready, and documentation is a mess… but here are a couple pics :stuck_out_tongue:

We’d be glad to join efforts with others :slight_smile:

Making these things is really challenging IMO.


I’m interested! do you have more info?


These are the references i’ve collected so far:

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some of mine:
maybe you can add your references there too.
like this one: