November Community Call: Internet of Production Alliance, EdibleMakerspace, and more community updates!

The next GOSH community call will take place on 18 November from 14:00 – 15:00 UTC. Be sure to join us for a series of presentations from community members, followed by community updates!

This community call will feature presentations from the Internet of Production Alliance and EdibleMakerspace. The presentations will be followed by updates and announcements from GOSH community members.

More information on the presentations

The Internet of Production Alliance will be presenting the data standards they have developed to date, the ones they will be working on in the next year, and how this is relevant for Open Science Hardware.

EdibleMakerspace will discuss three projects they’re currently working on, 1) Scoby Parchment, Ginbuchaaa and the Fermentation GutHub 2) Cold brew coffee and the DIY caffeinator 3) OpenFlexure and DIY microscopes, chopsticks, and 3d printing for critical making.

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Information for joining calls:

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The calls are also available on the GOSH community calendar. I’ll share an agenda for the meeting next week!


Hi everybody!

A reminder that the next GOSH Community Call is this week! Join us on 18 November at 14:00 UTC for some presentations from community members, followed by community updates!

I also want to add that we will have a third presentation from @AlexDeYucatan during the call as well! :tada:

Agenda (all times in UTC)

  • Welcome & Participation Guidelines
  • Presentations
    1: Barbara from the Internet of Production Alliance (IOP)
    2: Saad from EdibleMakerspace
    3: Alex Carrillo on experiences with open-source hardware for the dissemination of science and environmental care through social projects
  • Community updates: community members are invited to provide any updates they have to the community
  • Adjourn

You can join the call here. There is also a notes document for the calls.

Find out more about the GOSH community calls here, and the calls are also available on the GOSH community calendar. :slight_smile:

I look forward to seeing some of you at the call!


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The Community Call is starting now! You can join here.

Thanks for your excellent hosting, @briannaljohns

And it was a very interesting meeting!

I mentioned I was chatting back and forth between FabCity and GOSH about maker docs. And @saadcaffeine of Edible Maker Space mentioned that you should have a laser cutter for your food projects.

So I thought Saad and others might like this FabCity project:

Build-it-yourself laser cutter.

Thanks to everyone who came to last week’s Community Call, and thanks to @saadcaffeine and @AlexDeYucatan for presenting! Check out the notes and videos of presentations below. Due to some last-minute scheduling changes, the presentation from the Internet of Production Alliance has been moved to the December community call.

You can read the notes from the call here.

Watch the EdibleMakerspace presentation here.

Watch Alex’s presentation here.

See you all at the next call!
-Bri :slight_smile: