Notes from GOSH Governance WG Meeting #23 - Tues May 18th at 14:00 UTC

Hi all,

Sharing the notes from this weeks governance WG meeting below.

Governance WG Meeting #23 - Tues May 18th at 14:00 UTC

People in the call: gunner, Marina, Bri

  • Planning handoff meetings to the community council and make sure they are on our calendars.
    • 13:00 UTC on the 8th
    • then we can discuss whether we need more than one session in the future
  • Any final planning for the community meetings.
    • Finalize logistics
    • Overview of agenda
  • Discuss next steps for the election timeline – registration closes May 20th and voting starts May 21st.
    • GOSH Election Registration & Validation of Voters Document --already posted to the forum
    • If time permits, discussion on tabulating votes using STAR vote



Thanks for continuing despite low attendance and contribution from the rest of us @briannaljohns @marinappdf @gunner. I am sorry for my absence. Dealing with the current challenges at work has been very tiring and depressing. My colleagues are losing their loved ones every few days. No casualties in my family so far. I have not been able to access vaccine, thankfully my parents are vaccinated now. I intend to attend the upcoming meetings to at least be a part of the closing process for our working group.


Is a delicated moment, I wish you de best.


We are so appreciative of everything you’ve already done for the working group, and my thoughts are with you during this time.