Notes from GOSH Governance WG Meeting #13 - 12 Jan 2021

People on call

  • Jenny
  • Gunner
  • Marina
  • Ji Li
  • Julieta
  • Thomas


  • Review outcomes from 16 December Community Call
  • Identify outstanding issues and task list to complete governance plan
    • Election Quorum
      • As more people we consider active, more absent participation there will be, so is better not to set a quorum based on the percentage of total active people
      • Possibly define quorum as a fixed number, e.g. 100, e.g. based on # people who go to GOSH meetings, but 100 is a lot.
    • Regional diversity
      • Hard to establish a framework for first election
        • Challenging to define “where” a person is from - birthplace, residence, location of employer/institution, etc.
        • Would need to formally define regions
      • Potentially provide voting guidelines to consider regional diversity
        • TBD: Draft language to voters
        • Pass forward to elected Community Council
    • Issue of 4-3 votes, when a super majority would be required, if the vote is 4-3, than half of the community is unhappy
      • Pass forward to elected Community Council
    • Need to address term limits
      • Recommendation:
        • Term limit of 2 terms
        • Can run again after 1 term off
        • Put differently, you can only run for re-election once
    • How will the community “approve” the governance structure
      • Other major documents have not gone through “final approval”
      • Will make clear that open process is the time to shape governance plan
      • Will create multiple ways for community to weigh in
        • Will provide a healthy window of time for feedback
      • We have to clear communicate to the community that we are presenting the final version
      • Let the document community open Do a community call and let the document open for comment

Action Items for next call:

  • Update proposed timeline to elections
  • Schedule next community call