Notes from GOSH Governance WG Meeting #12 - 15 Dec 2020

People on the call

  • Jenny
  • Gunner
  • Marina (partial attendance)
  • Ji Li
  • Gayatri
  • Juan


  1. Check-in with group

  2. Review of document to share with community

    • Action: Post a link for suggestions and comments on the forum
    • Agreed to simplify language on selection of social minorities to ensure at least 4 council members are social minorities.
    • Agreed to maintain information about historical decision making on GOSH participants.
  3. Previewed Agenda for Community Call

    • Identified facilitators for each section
    • Prioritized areas for discussion

Action items

  1. Post document to thread started by Mari GOSH Community Call – 16 December, 14:00-15:30 UTC