Notes from GOSH Governance WG Meeting #11 - 1 Dec 2020

Meeting #11

1 Dec 2020, 14:00 UTC

People in the call

  • Jenny
  • Gunner
  • Marina
  • Ji Li
  • Gayatri


  1. Check-in with group
  • We need to better summarize decisions and outstanding issues
  • We need to check in with WG members in advance of Community Call
  1. Mapping
  • Unresolved issues to address in advance of Community Call

    • Define concept of social minorities
    • Framing of questions for Voting mechanism/methodology
  • Election

    • Tools
    • Process
    • Anonymity
  1. Issues to discuss with community
  • Validate eligibility criteria
  • Plan to prioritize social minority candidates
  • Timeline to election
  • Exact mechanisms for election: process, tools, stewardship
  1. Issues we are passing forward to new Community Council
  • Management of Code of Conduct
  • Refinement of Community Council election process
  • How to organize and populate other working groups
  • Open questions
    *All other “governance build out” tasks - further enhancing
  • Summary of decisions/plans
  1. Agenda for Community Call
  • Welcome and hellos

  • Overview of remit of WG

  • Summary of progress and decisions to date

  • Balances we have tried to strike

  • What we have decided and are planning

  • What we are not resolving/passing forward to Community Council

  • Open questions we are passing forward

  • Discussion and questions

  • Invitations for input and discussion

  • Next steps and closing

Action items

  • Announce Community Call
  • Follow up with WG members
  • Summarize “what we know”
  • Reflect on structure and roles for Community Call agenda