Notes for Governance WG Meeting #21 - Tues May 4th at 14:00 UTC

Hi all,

Sharing the meeting notes from last weeks governance meeting below.

Governance WG Meeting #21 - Tues May 4th at 14:00 UTC

People in call: Bri, Thomas, Marina, gunner


  • Wrap-up on the candidate nomination process

    • Nominations closed May 4th, now follow up with candidates and tell them next steps for the election process, which is attending town halls and posting a candidate statement to the forum.
  • Updates on process for hosting town halls

    • Reach out to candidates to ask what time zones they are in to ensure town halls are scheduled to best maximize inclusion and global participation. Also ask candidates if recording town halls is OK.
  • Moved biweekly governance meetings to weekly until community council is seated

    • Additional meetings: May 11th, May 25th
  • Updated timeline

    • 2 June – Community Council announced
      • Moved this back one day so election secretary and independent observer aren’t rushed to tabulate votes.
  • Have election observer send detailed meeting notes to independent observer who will check for any issues

  • In the future, create a schedule of June meetings with WG and community council to discuss deferred issues and decisions to be passed forward to the community council, as listed on the proposal document

For Next Meeting:

  • Focus on structure for town halls

Action Items Before Next Meeting:

  • Reach out to candidates asking about time zones, and if recordings are OK for town halls.
  • Share statement template with candidates, create a category on the forum for candidates to post their statements. This has been created and you can check it out here: Candidate Statements - GOSH Community Forum