Notes for Governance WG Meeting #19 - Tuesday April 6th at 14:00 UTC

Meeting #19 6 April 2021, 14:00 UTC

People in the call:





  • Finalize proposal – comments left on the document from GOSH community members have been resolved, just need to change the language to reflect that this is no longer a proposal but the final document.

  • Determine best language and course of action to deal with what was called in the proposal “social minorities” – This is going to be something that the seated community council will need to address, but for now, we will base our language on the 2018 GOSH Gathering, which was concerned with four groups: 1) Individuals who are women, Trans or gender non-conforming 2) People of Color and/or Indigenous persons 3) From a low income country or/and community in Africa, South America or Asia 4) Those from Unaffiliated, community-based organizations/NGOs. We also can decide if we would like to add other options such as ability status.

  • Decide election observer - We decided on Ankita Raturi from the Gathering for Open Agricultural Technology (GOAT)

  • Overview of voter registration questions

Action Items

  • Participate in test registration survey
  • Leave any remaining comments on the governance proposal
  • Finalize election landing page for GOSH website

Thanks to everyone who has moved this towards the final revisions.

Agreed on this approach as the simplest course of action for now and putting modifications and language improvement on the task list for the council.

Great news!