NGI Zero Commons Fund

FAQ on eligibility: NLnet; NGI Zero Commons Fund Eligibility information

  • scientific research
  • design and development of free and open source software and open hardware
  • validation or constructive inquiry into existing or novel technical solutions
  • software engineering aimed at adapting to new usage areas or improving software quality
  • formal security proofs, security audits, setup and design of software testing and continuous integration
  • documentation for researchers, developers and end users, including educational materials
  • standardisation activities, including membership fees of standards bodies
  • understanding user requirements and improving usability/inclusive design
  • necessary measures in support of (broad)er deployability, e.g. packaging
  • participation in technical, developer and community events like hackathons, IETF, W3C, RIPE meetings, FOSDEM, etc. (admission fee, travel and subsistence costs)
  • other activities that are relevant to adhering to robust software development and deployment practices
  • project management
  • out-of-pocket costs for infrastructure essential to achieving the above

Hi @lizbarry
Thank you so much for sharing. I’m involved in NGI0 consortium as workers. I’d be happy to help anyone interested. Guidance, answering questions, chatting, etc.

I mention, because it’s important, that projects outside the EU can also apply and compete for the same amount in grants donations.


Xav, thank you for your support offer, I’d really like to exchange some ideas with you. My mail is
Best regards!

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