New WiFi access point in cafe room

Someone asked for a VPN’ed connection in the cafe room and handed me a raspberry pi last night. There is now a raspberry pi acting as wifi access point in place of the asus router. The wifi name and password are posted on the wall (I believe it’s raspi-gosh and education) Since the asus router was authorized on the network and the raspberry pi was not, I had to give the pi the same MAC address as the asus router and disconnect the asus router. DO NOT TURN THE TWO DEVICES ON AT THE SAME TIME. If the raspberry pi stops working you can revert back to the asus router by turning off the raspberry pi and plugging in the asus router where the raspberry pi is currently plugged in. I’ll be in at around 10 am today to change/fix if needed.

I did some testing last night with my laptop plugged directly into the ethernet in the cafe room and the reason we’re having slow connectivity has nothing to do with poor wifi nor with lack of VPN. It’s simply not a great connection. Doesn’t matter if you’re only one person directly plugged into the wall and only accessing sites in China. Best case I got 10 Mbps down but only ~1 Mbps up on a speed test but that was very sporadic and the connection seems to periodically dip to almost nothing. This was a 1 am with no-one else present.

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Oh, also I’m not on WeChat. The QR code invite stopped working due to the group having over 100 people so maybe someone can invite me directly? I’m +1 510 717 4275.