New Skillshare Idea: Parametric design of 3D objects with FreeCAD

I have no idea if we can still propose skill shares.

How about skill share on using FreeCAD (the best FOSS 3D mechanical design CAD software for me).

Not an expert, but I have used it often. I learned bits and pieces whenever I needed to.

So, organizers, can we still propose skillshares?

And if we can, does anybody else who has used this tool or have some idea in similar ones want to co-host with me?


I suspect things are flexible enough… I’m certainly interested in learning a bit more FreeCAD - it is a bit friendlier than OpenSCAD, which a lot of the people I’ve sent designs to would appreciate, I think!

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Definitely not too late. The skillshares will get organized Friday so just come prepared to share!