New section in GOSH roadmap: Use

Hello everybody,

What do you think about a new section in GOSH roadmap?

Or do you think it has already been covered within Learn, Support or Grow?

Closest, I think, to Use, is the Grow section. The Grow section, however, is limited to increasing the diversity and scaling up the community, and misses how OScH will be used by the diverse community.

This section can include different ways OScH can be used by multitude of stakeholders. Example: GOSH for research, for education, for citizen science, for design, …
It can feature use cases, successful (and failed) examples of using OScH.

Another alternative could be that we create a separate document of how OScH has been and could be used, and refer to that document in Grow or other sections when needed.

In my understanding, the goal of GOSH community, put bluntly, is to nudge more people to use OScH in different ways to suit their needs.

I would love to hear what you think of this.

Hey, think this is a great point. I think if we include “build and use” in our statements when talking about improving uptake of open science hardware, it could help drive this home. I also agree that learning and improving the use of a tool is way different than building it, so while it’s easy to say “build and use” the reality is those two things are completely different.

Perhaps even without a separate section, the implementation of build versus use could be clearly defined in the “Recommendation” sections of Support and Grow. The most important outcome of distinguishing the two is to engage that “multitude of stakeholders” you mentioned in appropriate and specific ways, and separating the recommendations hopefully would make that happen.