New Report: Open Science Hardware and Space Research

Hi all! I am excited to share a new report from the GOSH Community & The Wilson Center on Open Science Hardware for space research. Find out more below!


In July of 2023, the Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH) Community worked together with the Wilson International Center for Scholars (the Wilson Center) to convene a workshop dedicated to open science hardware for space research. The workshop consisted of a diverse group of participants representing academia, citizen science, hardware makers and hackers, and artists from a wide range of universities, businesses, government agencies, and NGOs, including NASA and UNESCO.

During the workshop, participants identified the needs and opportunities for open hardware in space research, barriers and challenges to uptake, and key actors who should be engaged in broadening the movement toward making open science hardware more commonplace in space research.

We are excited to share a report on the workshop, which describes the origins of the workshop, the diversity of expertise represented during its proceedings, lessons learned, and a prospective look at the next steps.

You can read the full report here.


Feel free to share this report in your networks! We’ve got a Tweet, Facebook post, LinkedIn post, and Instagram post that you can share, and a press package is also available here.