New OSciH perspective piece in Analytical Chemistry

Hey guys, we just published a perspective piece in Analytical Chemistry on open-source hardware that might be of interest to some of you: “Upon the Shoulders of Giants: Open-Source Hardware and Software in Analytical Chemistry”. GOSH gets a few shout outs as does the new Journal of Open Hardware.

We paid the open-access fees, but for some reason the “advance” copy is behind a paywall. Here’s link to a free copy.


This is great - thanks Ryan, I will post on the GOSH website :slight_smile:

Kick up a fuss about the paywall - it doesn’t look like an advance copy now and it’s still behind, I had to log in to access. Several publishers have form with this sort of rubbish…

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Thanks Jenny. I took your advice and kicked up a fuss! It’s now open :wink:

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Thanks for including it last minute, Ryan!