NEW: Animated videos on Open Science Hardware, available in English, Spanish & French!

Hello everyone,

GOSH and Africa OSH have been working together to create an animated video on open science hardware for a more general audience. We are excited to announce that the final video is here and available in English, Spanish, and French!

A huge thank you to Koeman Tekpeh for producing the video and to Abdoul Kafid Toko (@toko), Marcela Basch (@marbasch), Fatima Zamba and Frank Landon Bentum (@frank_AfricaOSH) for writing the script, translating it and providing voiceovers.

In addition to the video’s original (longer) version, we have also created a shorter version that omits part of the introduction. You can find all the videos on this Youtube playlist or individually using the links below. The videos are also on the Internet Archive.

Extended Version

Short Version

Thank you to those who provided feedback on our draft. We incorporated most of your comments into the video’s final version and are keeping track of input for future versions on Gitlab.

Please share with your networks!

Thank you,



Very nice. Is a german version planned ?

It would be nice to have caption (and translated caption) as well as a citable version.

Is gitlab the place to provide help?


Great work!


Amazing Job! Thank you all who made this possible! This video will definitely be part of my classes! Special thank to @marbasch for spanish version :wink:


Hi @Juliencolomb,

Great question! Unfortunately, for this video, we only produced it in English, Spanish, and French. However, I have added all the .SRT files of the subtitles here on Gitlab. If you would like, you (or anyone else interested) can send me a German version of the subtitles, and I can add them to the videos!

The same applies to other translations as well.