NASA TOPS open science Community Forum on 9 February 2023

Hi @jbrennerFIT!

Sounds like an exciting call, does this NSF call have any limitations on where people and their organisations are based?

And thanks for sharing the 347 articles you found! In case this helps, there is the Zotero group library on open source hardware maintained by GOSH people, and it would be useful to consolidate the references. This shared library is currently used for the literature review that @unixjazz is leading in this thread.

Thanks @hpy and @unixjazz. The 347 articles are from my own Zotero group library, which has many things nanotech, other than just open source hardware. I’ll see what I can do to consolidate this, but that is likely a summer project.

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Dear @Ebuka, @HPy, @briannaljohns, et al.
There is no “event” yet associated with the NSF call for Innovations in Graduate Education. If the proposal is successful, I do plan to participate in several GOSH events both virtually and in person, including hosting at least one. How does a visit to east central Florida right after New Year’s sound?
I have hosted NanoFlorida once, so I know how big a job hosting a conference really is!


Great :+1:

I would happily attend such a thing.
I have been to the cape several times for rocket chasing. Actual serious business would be a great reason to go again. :slight_smile:

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