NASA looking for Transform to Open Science Support Scientist (US citizen/resident only)

NASA’s Transform to Open Science (TOPS) mission is looking for a support scientist, you can find more details below:

Note: This position is based in Washington, DC, USA and is only open to US citizens/residents)

Apply here:

Job Description

Agile Decision Sciences, LLC (ADS) is seeking a Support Scientist to support the Transform to Open Science (TOPS) mission of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate at NASA Headquarters. This position is under ADS’s NASA Research and Education Support Services II (NRESS II) contract.

The Support Scientist will support NASA’s chief science data office in carrying out tasks related to the cross-divisional, $50 million, 5-year TOPS mission. The Support Scientist will support oversight, coordination, management, planning, monitoring, and execution for a variety of TOPS program elements, working specifically to support TOPS objectives and NASA SMD’s 2023 Year of Open Science. This individual will organize and coordinate activities within TOPS to enable open science and increase representation of historically underrepresented communities within the NASA SMD science community. They will attend national and international conferences and meetings and participate in SMD, interagency, and international coordination activities as needed.

The ideal candidate will have a strong research background in Astrophysics, Planetary Sciences, Heliophysics, Biological/Physical sciences, or Earth sciences and have advanced scientific/technical writing and communication skills. Candidates with experience in open science activities and advocacy will be viewed favorably.


A competitive candidate will have:

  • A minimum of a master’s degree in Space or Earth Science or a relevant advanced degree in Space or Earth Science
  • At least 10 years of relevant scientific research or data management work experience; experience in Earth Science scientific research data management preferred
  • Strong writing and communication skills: the individual must be able to formulate, communicate, and understand high-level plans, project documentation, and presentations
  • Strong organizational and project management skills and the ability to track multiple tasks
  • Strong presentation skills: the individual will be responsible for planning, attending, and leading meetings and conferences
  • Experience monitoring and evaluating Project Life-Cycle phases (e.g., requirements definition, system design, as well as testing of end-to-end data flow from the spacecraft/instrument to the end user interface, etc.) is preferred
  • Must be a US citizen or permanent resident with the ability to pass a Government background investigation for admission to a federal facility

Other requirements:

  • The Support Scientist will be expected to be available during normal business hours, be responsive to management, attend appropriate NASA meetings, and perform other duties as assigned, such as preparing presentations, summarizing program results, preparing other reports, and traveling to attend scientific and or management meetings, nationally and internationally.
  • It is expected that the position will be located at NASA HQ or the contractor’s office in Arlington, VA. However, remote work locations will be considered.
  • The Support Scientist will be required to sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and strictly adhere to the contract’s conflict of interest avoidance and mitigation plan. It is expected that the Support Scientist will not participate in proposals while employed by ASTS. The Support Scientist must openly disclose and identify any and all matters that give rise to a potential conflict of interest. This includes the appearance of bias created by involvement of a spouse or family member in any part of the proposal process. The candidate must identify any recent employment and science collaborations that present a potential conflict of interest and/or may create an appearance of bias towards certain proposers.
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Thanks for posting! IMO definitely a great job, and glad that jobs like this exist. :+1:

That said, it’s really unfortunate that it is limited to US citizens or permanent residents. :-1: Most people do not have this privilege, and I’ve already sent them feedback about this.

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