MozFest Session Submissions are open!

There’s been a great cohort of GOSHers at the past few MozFest events so happy to share this news if you plan to attend and have session ideas!

If you could do one thing to make the internet a more inclusive place for everyone, what would you do?

This year, the Mozilla Festival is celebrating its 10th anniversary, and we want you, your brilliant ideas and projects to be there.

Submit Your Session Idea TODAY!

Community-led, community-curated sessions are at the core of MozFest. Anyone can submit a session – you don’t need any particular expertise, just a great project or idea and the desire to collaborate and learn from festival participants.

If you or someone you know is interested in leading a session at MozFest this year, submit your session idea here.

NOTE: The travel stipend process is separate from the call for proposals this year. More details can be found here.

Session ideas are also being accepted for MozFest House. If you have a session idea you’d like to share and host in the House, contact Lucie at for more information.

About MozFest & MozFest House

MozFest unfolds at two locations in London. From Monday 21 to Friday 25 October, you’ll be able to explore a vibrant program of events, workshops, and networking sessions presented by our partner organizations at MozFest House in Central London. From Saturday 26 October to Sunday 27 October, you’ll find an energizing community-led weekend of collaboration and creation at Ravensbourne University, in Greenwich, London.

Submit Your Session Idea TODAY!

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Here is a thought:

How about applying with a GOSH project? Last year on Sunday we had a table there with projects from many different folks from GOSH, but this kind of happened after I made an application and asked people to bring their projects to the session I was hosting…

I would much rather gather people interested in bringing their projects there before hand, and perhaps apply to have the space occupied for the entire weekend?

This would also allow folks that cannot be physically present to send their projects and we could host it for them over the weekend!

I would love to hear your thoughts and ideas!

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I think this is a great idea and would enable me to send my project with you :wink:

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Just started a google doc with a rough paste of the application form

People can add their projects there and we can edit later to make it cohesive.

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Hi Folks!

Good news, @jarancio, @kaspar and I applied for a session at Mozfest and it was accepted!
Our idea remains the same, people can send their prototypes our way together with a flyer/one pager with information/contact info they would like to share.

This was the best solution we could think to represent open hardware for science coming from different places and from different groups that sometimes are unable to join Mozfest.

It takes place by the end of october, so if you want to have your prototypes showcased there, please send us a message soon!


what a nice idea! @jarancio proposed to show my detectors in the other thread.
since @spMohanty is telling me since years that I should go to mozfest at least once, I‘m checking if I could still attend myself this year.
How‘s the project/number attending GOSHers ratio so far? is there some space left to set stuff up?

If there are tickets still available you should definitely come!

We will have the whole weekend to demo things, so if we get too many projects we can rotate them at intervals :wink:

is it the regular weekend ticket or something special?

regular. you can get a ticket for either day, or a complete weekend

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