Mothbox Updates and Symposium Video

Sharing Designs at Moth Symposium

We got together with a group of people designing automatic moth detectors from around the world to have a cool Symposium. It was headed up by Jamie Alison and Quentin Claude as part of a grant to hold a webinar series about automated moth detectors.

You can watch a video of the first symposium right here!

In other updates the physical design has been completed and we have solidified thr electronics design. We are currently using a Pijuice to manage the power with a Waveshare relay hat to control lights. All these parts have been tested and we are now running an endurance test with the talentcell batteries, turning things on and off for a week automatically.

Another design change was that we noticed that the single ring light was lighting up the square target surface somewhat unequally. So we tried out a new quick design to easily switch a design to use two side by side ring lights. It gives us twice as much photography lighting and seems a lot more even!

We also got all of our big parts into the country! Look at these 11 mothboxes getting ready to go!

Also now that we have moved past early prototyping stages, check out all the plastic we saved by using trash instead!