Monday evening in Hong Kong?

Hi! I’m arriving to Hong Kong on Monday, 6 PM, and I intend to enjoy some hours there after 34 hours flying! I still don’t have much organised -ok I have nothing. I guess I’ll just get to some central hostel. So if you have any recommendation, or maybe want to share a room or an airbnb rental, or hang out a little that evening or Tuesday morning/ afternoon, or cross together to Shenzhen in the afternoon, just let me know please!

I’m still struggling to get my Wechat account -I don’t know what’s exactly wrong, it just says “try again”. But I guess I’ll finally get it and it would be @marbasch. I’m also marbasch in telegram, gmail and twitter, and I guess I’ll manage to access all that from Hong Kong at least.


@marbasch I arrive really early in the morning on Tues. so I’ll be taking the ferry
directly from the airport. So, not sure if that helps. Also, don’t forget to get the scan code from the GOSH forum for the WeChat GOSH group. We are chatting back and forth there :slight_smile:

Ok thanks! I had lost that one, I’ll try to find it.