Mixed up info in the GOSH Shenzhen Travel spreadsheet

Hi, I’ve just visited the spreadsheet and got very happy because I’ve found someone that was arriving on the same plane as me… But when I looked closer, I’ve noticed it was just my own info, only that it was on a different line. In my line, I had someone else’s info. So I’ve corrected mine, but I’m afraid I’ve erased someone’s data (which was confused anyway). So if you are trying to match with people traveling on the same dates (as I am :-)), maybe you’d like to check the spreadsheet and see if your info is still correct. Especially @saibhaskar, who was in the line before me… I’m afraid our info was mixed up. My sincere apologies if it was my fault!

I just noticed that my information is now divided between two lines. So, everyone should check the spreadsheet to make sure their info is correct.