MIT Solve's Global Challenges accepting submissions until April 18

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The MIT Solve’s Global Challenges accepts submissions from innovators using technology to solve today’s most pressing problems. Applicants are invited to submit a solution of the following areas:

  • 2024 GLOBAL ECONOMIC PROSPERITY CHALLENGE: How can we harness technology to build and sustain peaceful and prosperous economies?
  • 2024 GLOBAL LEARNING CHALLENGE: How can we make learning more inclusive and equitable, while improving outcomes for all learners?
  • 2024 GLOBAL CLIMATE CHALLENGE: How can communities create a zero-carbon world and adapt to a warmer climate?
  • 2024 GLOBAL HEALTH EQUITY CHALLENGE: How can we use technology to make good health and access to quality care more equitable for all?
  • 2024 INDIGENOUS COMMUNITIES FELLOWSHIP: How can Indigenous innovators in the US and Canada build upon traditional knowledge and technology to meet the social, environmental, and economic goals of their communities?

The deadline to submit is April 18.

Find out more at their website:

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