Minutes from WG Meeting #1 - 10 Aug 2020

Hi All

Here are the meeting minutes, below are the actions. We are still in need of someone to send out the meeting reminder emails and to take minutes. I set up a calendar event using the GOSH google event and made a Jitsi room.

This category is now publicly viewable and the Community Governance category is entirely open. I note that @gbathree has already posted there!



  • Make the forum category viewable, make a governance category that is viewable and postable by everyone [Jenny] - DONE

  • Make a map of domains of control, assets, outputs, governance values and share for comments [Greg]

  • Pull out governance values from a review of the Manifesto for discussion at the next meeting [Marina]

  • Determine the next set of steps/actions for this WG to produce items to share out to the community for comments [hold until next meeting]

  • Hold next meeting on 24 Aug at the same time 14:00 UTC on JitSi [Reminder emails/distribute Jitsi link: TBC; Facilitator: Gayatri; Minutes: TBC]

  • Set up a sticky post for framing approach to governance conversations and linking to code of conduct then send to group for comments [Paz]


Thanks Jenny! :smiley:

Some thoughts on it.
Not sure if this was not said or if i didn’t hear/understand, but i think we should let our roadmap more defined. Other wise we may forget what are our goals and what the task are for.
I think that on the next meeting we should pay more attention to the decisions we made, not just the actions and tasks. This was our first meeting, so I think it’s ok. This is something the facilitator and the note keeper could take care of.
Even the obvious decisions, I think is good for transparency for example:

  • The values and principles of the community are listed on the Manifesto, so the wg will based the governance model on them;
  • The values and rules of the governance wg will be derived from the Manifesto.

For the mapping, I wrote some of my undersand of it, please
check if we are on the same page:

  1. Whats the mapping for?
  • The map is to better understand the community dynamics and functionality, to understand the key people, resources, and actions that we want to organize. From this, we will be able to decide the level of collectivism our autonomy of the community and each domain, and also to better understand what are the core values, to map what are the resources we have the manage and the type of decision that will be done.
  1. How the map will be done?
  • First we make a draft (Greg already post it)
  • Open to the comunity colaboration (done, but for how long it will be open?)
  • Collect the info and make another version
  • Present one more time for the community (yeas or no?)
  1. After map is finished, than we will identify what types of decisions and resources need to be manage, and from this understand how our model of governance should be. Than we can look for some models or build our own.

And least, I want to register here some of the important topics that Gunner pointed about what a governance structure enables :

  • Accountability and transparency (both as effectively as possible);
  • Good decision making;
  • Good resources managing;
  • Health participation;
  • Health evolution;
  • Respects values and principles of the community.

Thanks Jenny, and Thanks Marina - I think you’re clarifications are accurate and needed. Structure of that type will really help us stay on track and not just have unending to do lists that appear to move forward but actually move us forward :slight_smile:


Thanks Marina! The person taking notes of the next meeting can adapt the structure to provide more narrative on decisions made and pull out important points into separate sections.

On that note, who is up for volunteering for note-taking? That was left hanging last time, Gayatri kindly offered to facilitate again.