Microgrants to support open projects against COVID-19

Dear GOSH Community,

I am reaching out to you about the latest round of microgrants under the OpenCovid19 program by JOGL. We love what you do developing open source innovations. We think some community members might have important projects that tackle Covid19 and its consequences (it’s not over!) and we would love to fund them.

If you think people in your community or your networks might benefit from these microgrants, you can share our posts on social media (see our posts about this on Linkedin, Instagram, Facebook or Twitter ), or share this short message below that explains things more in depth:


JOGL Microgrants are grants up to 4000€ for open source projects tackling Covid19.

  • They’re special grants. The application is easy, and we only ask for minimal reporting.
  • The grant review process is completely transparent and based on JOGL’s pioneering peer-review mechanism.
  • They’re open to everyone and anyone who has an Open Source project addressing the current pandemic.
  • If you have got an early stage project (or a more developed one) focused on Covid19 and could benefit from our microgrants:

Learn much more and apply HERE.

Seems too good to be true? It’s not:

Just One Giant Lab (JOGL) is the meeting place of an international community that creates open-source solutions for a more just and sustainable world. We are a non-profit organization based in Paris, and we’re passionate about making research and innovation more open, inclusive, and accessible! In 2019, we launched an online tool that enables anyone anywhere to come together to solve global issues and accelerate progress on the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Since then, we have welcomed 5,600+ new users from 97 countries!

Before the media even started talking about a pandemic, we had already launched an alert and an open call to our networks to mobilize fast. We knew our grasp of community organizing and our open platform was a crucial piece of tech to solve the mountain of challenges we’re facing now. That’s why we launched OpenCovid19. It now gathers over 1600 contributors, from healthcare workers to engineers, designers, scientists etc. This is HUGE. And this brave global community is working on hundreds of projects that help save lives.

Thanks to the AXA Research Fund, we have been able to support 33 open science, community-powered projects working on tackling Covid19 with over 200,000€. Here are some examples:

Still want to dig further? See all the media coverage about us HERE.

For any questions, get in touch with Chris@jogl.io