Microfluidics Paris hackathon

Hello all,
We are planning to make an event in Paris about microfuidics including some practicals as well as peer-to-peer teaching.
I would say that the main objective is to connect “experts” in microfuidics and people with relevant skills but not involved in the field yet.
Microfuidics are a powerful tool with applications in many fields but we focus in life sciences just to be more specific.
This is a joint event between Open Science School (Juanma), OpenDrop (Urs), Dropbot (Ryan),
with funding (so far…) from our volunteers, CRI Paris (Centre de recherches interdisciplinaires) and IPGG (Institut Pierre Gilles de Gennes pour la microfuidique).
The main venue will be at CRI (Centre de Recherches Interdiciplinaires) in Cochin, the factulty of Medicine of Universite Paris Descartes,
located in 24 rue du Faubourg Saint Jacques 75014 Paris. There will be access to rooms and equipment at the Institut Pierre Gilles de Gennes,
located in 6 rue Jean Calvin 75005 Paris.
We chose the dates 30th June afternoon (Friday); 1st of July (Saturday); and 2nd of July (Sunday),
This is because it will be right before the international microfuidics conference FLOW17, we ww will be able to present our work in a booth.
OpenDrop and DropBot will be having a hackathon and occupying the Open Lab in CRI all the week 26-30th June.
For now we have limited budget and we cannot fund many participants coming from abroad so it will be focused on locals preferentially.
However we do have funding if you want to be involved in the organization of in presenting your work.

Anyone interested? :slight_smile:

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See more in http://piratepad.net/parismicrofluidics to start organizing…!

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I would love to unabashedly plug in-field ag-related applications! We are really interested in seeing those happen (as I’ve badgered poor Ryan and Urs about many times). Do you think it would be useful to have an application-oriented person come with a ‘can you do this method on your microfluidics platform/system/etc’ perspective? Might help narrow the field of discussion down to actionable items.

If so, let me know, may be interested in helping to organize.


Hey Juan, I am local (working at CNAM) and I available to help! I was planning to get in touch with you, so we could organize an event between CNAM and CRI on Open Hardware.

Hello greg, would you still be avalaible? do you wanna join ? :slight_smile:

hello! can you ping me on private message so that we can meet in paris and plan locally? would be great if you can join !

Hey Juanma, cool. Janneke and I will be in Paris visiting the PAris Summer school. will let you know better

hi ! I would love to get involved at the moment we work with Urs into a female reproductive system on a chip so we would love to continue doing and presenting this and other experiences around the topic

pin from Barcelona. working on pechblenda/hackteria/gynepunk ex Calafou member !!!

Yeah, I’m interested - shoot me an email or pvt message for details. Or we could set up a call or whatever. I’m a bit slow to response, it’s busy times :slight_smile:

Hey Juan, will there be an opportunity to register for the microfluidics hackathon?
You may find this interesting, there is an open source repository for microfluidics from MIT: https://metafluidics.org/