Metafluidics: open source microfluidics considering licensing for hardware / fluidic design files

Hi All (cc @ryanfobel who kick-started this conversation!)

You may be familiar with the Metafluidics community who publish open source microfluidics designs.
They are having a virtual meeting next Tuesday at 2pm ET and are interested in hearing from people with expertise in licensing for hardware / fluidic design files in order to work out how best to incorporate that into Metafluidics.
Kong, David S., et al. “Open-source, community-driven microfluidics with Metafluidics.” Nature Biotechnology 35.6 (2017): 523-529.

If you think you could offer some thoughts at the session, please get in touch!
We’re also hoping to discuss how Metafluidics and the GOSH community might best collaborate going forward.

Thanks and hope to hear from some of you with licensing/microfluidics crossover interests!


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I might not make it in time, but how can I dial in?