Mega-OSH Meetup (online) 4 pm UTC - August 20th

Howdy folks! Book your calendars for 4pm UTC august 20th!

We want to do a simple thing which is just have folks from a bunch of different open source and science communities meet up with each other and learn about each other’s community!

I’ll be going around cross inviting folks from groups like

  • openenvirodata
  • Dinacon
  • NEON and LTER

And whatever other groups i can think of!

You should so the same!

Me and @briannaljohns just decided on a specific date and time and a simple specific focus, and hopefully it gets out of control and we have lots of people join, but even if not, we aim to just help people know more about GOSH and help GOSH people know more about other groups!

We can probably figure out a format for this event later, as we approach the event and have a better idea of how many people will be joining.


Nice nice nice.

Some more ideas for networks/people to invite:
Open Hardware | OpenScience at CERN
Hackteria open source biological art and generic lab equipment
JOGL (Just One Giant Lab)
Experiment | Crowdfunding Platform for Scientific Research
PLOS Journal / Open-source hardware
Open Science Hardware Foundation

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Wonderful, thanks for the suggestions

Happy to share with the many different communities Im involved in and try to weave bridges between !!!
Feminist/Women/Intersectional and anti-colonial communities, the ACM FAcct community and others working on AI governance to ensure AI doesnt whipe us out before Nature will :wink:
Im meeting so many amazing people through my AI Futures and Speculative design research who could really benefit from sharing knowledge and learning about GOSH. (Here in Brazil for example people are so amazing and inventive : gambiarra !) Anyway Ill try and reach out to as many peeps as I can too. Could I also propose a follow-up session for us to do a Futures Scenario co-creation session soon ? Best Freyja