Meeting invite for anyone working on open bioreactors, FPLCs, and any biotech hardware

Hi Everyone!

@jcm80 and I are organizing a special interest group for those working on open source bioreactors and any hardware used in biotechnology such as fast protein liquid chromatography. If this is of interest to you, you are invited to the kick-off meeting scheduled 2023-03-02T11:00:00Z

The meeting will mostly be a getting to know each other session and see what we can do with the group. If you’d like to join, you can reply to this thread with your email or send me an email at so I can add you to the calendar invite.

If you’re interested but is unavailable for the meeting scheduled, feel free to send me a message as well so I can loop you in!


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I am definitely interested. I have been developing tissue engineering test beds for several years.

I’d like to join. I’ve been playing with FPLC/HPLC lately and working on a couple of low cost detectors.

That’s great! I’ve been mostly working on an FPLC system. Glad to find someone else working on something similar! Can I have your email so I can add you to the calendar invite?

I have a few old gas chromatographs and liquid chromatographs that could be refurbished / upgraded.
If someone wants to use those as a starting point, then I’m sure we can make a deal of “get two working, you get one as payment”.
My biggest limitation is the time necessary to do the work. You would be stunned how inexpensively you can purchase
such hardware. Why build something from scratch if you can buy many of the pieces pre-assembled?

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Hi! Maybe David (@Glyxon) would be interested.

I’m not working on bioreractors or LC, but I’d like to join and listen in if possible. My project is a liquid handling bot.


Hey there! I’m definitely interested in joining this!

My email is

Dear Tien,

I’m also interested, especially given that it’s ok with my timezone! My email is

It’s ok to join, right?
(haven’t seen your confirmation yet)

Best Wishes,

Hello again! Hope it’s okay I’m replying to everyone in bulk through this post reply.

First, I apologize for the confusion I might have caused regarding the time of the meeting. I’m new to the formatting of posts here on the GOSH forum so I’ve input it confusingly at first. I’ve edited the main post but just in case it’s 7PM GMT+8. Thanks for pointing that out @haris!

I’ve sent the calendar invite to @juul @SynBio101 @haris @moritz_lablab and @jbrennerFIT

@naikymen @Glyxon kindly send me your email so I can add you the invite where the zoom link can be found.

@gaudi @EdwinHwu hello, tagging you both here because @jbrennerFIT said you guys might be interested!


This sounds great, interested in bioprinting, that might need a bioreactor.
Can I get an invite?

I am interested, inluded bioprinting (we have a V-ONE V-One - Voltera and lot of DIY devices at the bio haking lab, formely electronic lab) mi email is (Juan Carrique – sinc(i))

Warning: my english it’s terrible but my spanish not , so don’t be surprise if i answer direct questions in spanish :stuck_out_tongue:



Sure! Please send me your email :slight_smile:

Hi all, we’re starting in a bit. Let me know if you have trouble accessing the invite or zoom link!

Dear Tien,
I think it is starting at 8 AM my time.
Unfortunately, I have to teach class. Will it be recorded?
Jim Brenner (jbrennerFIT)

Sorry I didn’t get this in time.

Hoping for a recording / meeting notes as well!

Sorry, but I was asleep when the notice went out, and getting ready for work or on the road when the meeting happened. If I had been given the web site sooner, I could have been on for at least the beginning of the call.

For some reason the time showed as 11 am for me but was actually 3 am in my time zone. Looks like this website thinks I’m based in Abidjan. Hoping for recording / meeting notes as well.

Saw this too late, but we have two Hackuarium members working on a remix of our old bioreactor projects to grow cyanobacteria in order to make biodegradeable plastics. They want to incorporate a sensor to know when it is the best time to harvest the cells. Maybe they can get good hints from this group! =)

There are several GOSHers who are working toward in vivo imaging, including some of whom have mastered it already. One long term goal of mine is to develop a transepithelial electrical resistance/impedance (TEER/TEEI) device to assess cell confluence as well.

Best regards,
Jim Brenner

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It too late for me as well because just got to know about this forum. I am designing open bioreactor for the cultivation of microalgae as well as scaling up from lab to open raceway. I am also working on affordable purification system through column chromatography. I am interested to this forum to connect the community. Thanks

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