Meet the new AfricaOSH Liaison, Kafid!

Hi all,

Africa Open Science and Hardware (AfricaOSH) has been an important part of the regional growth of open science hardware (OScH), connecting the global OScH movement with local actors in Africa. In order to better connect the GOSH and Africa OSH communities, the GOSH 501c3 nonprofit board and community coordinator have worked with the AfricaOSH steering committee to identify a liaison who can help facilitate a flow of information between the two communities. We are excited to welcome Abdoul Kafid Toko (@TOKO) as the new GOSH-Africa OSH liaison!

Kafid has been a member of the Africa OSH community and attended the 2019 Africa OSH Gathering in Ghana. He is from Benin and currently based in Morocco where he is studying the first program of Master in Collective Intelligence at Mohammed VI Polytechnic University.

Welcome, Kafid!


You’re @briannaljohns welcome, I’m happy to be part of the team. We will keep working to rise our collective intelligence!