March 2022 Newsletter: Call for curated OH papers and projects!

Hi everyone!

I am organizing the March GOSH newsletter, and am inviting you to share any new OH papers, projects, or initiatives that you would like to be featured in the newsletter! You can share them on this thread, or send them to me via private message or email.

What is the GOSH Newsletter and how do I subscribe to it?

The GOSH community newsletter is released every month and you can sign up here to receive the newsletter via email. (If this sign up link isn’t working for you, you can use this google form as an alternative). Each newsletter features the latest global open science hardware news and updates, information on upcoming GOSH events, career and job opportunities, and curated papers and projects selected by community members. Once the January newsletter is published, I will also share a URL preview of the newsletter on this forum thread as well. If you want to help out with the creation of each monthly newsletter, send me a message or email and join in! :slight_smile:



Here is my recently published OH paper:


Still a preprint, but paper never the less: [2106.15852] Harnessing the Benefits of Open Electronics in Science


Here is our recently published interview with Dr. Jenny Molloy: “Research Tools that Encourage Science to Benefit People”

Here is our recently published interview with Dr. Dorn Cox: “Open Technology Ecosystem for Agricultural Management”

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Hi everyone! The March newsletter has been sent out, if you haven’t signed up yet, you can view a URL preview of the newsletter here!

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