Map scientific equipment demand in Academia (and spread to other communities with collaborators!)


Map Alert!

Dear Goshers,

As part of my project with Mozilla and to support growth, I want to map the equipment demand/necessities researchers and educators have inside Academia.

I started with this sub community because this is where I’ve been working for the last 10 years, so it is where I’m better equipped to investigate.

by no means should we stop here, or wait for this to be done, before start working to map demands/necessities in other communities!

I already started working with networks in Brazil and we ran a pilot survey. The questions, answers and code to process the data is under constant update on Github @map_fosh_demand .

Some have already contributed with ideas and suggestions, and it would be an honor to have more input from you lovely people!


What kind of input do you want to have?
How to conduct the study, additional questions etc.?



Right now I would like feedback on the part of Open Source, which I think is a bit weak, and also on how we ask people if they would be willing to test things from new brands. Sounds a bit like a promo for a company, and that is not the goal… Otherwise general suggestions and comments are always welcome :slight_smile:


also wouldn’t mind some contribution to translate it to German! :slight_smile:


That’s easy for me :wink: I can do that!


Can I bother you to take a crack at it when you have time? :wink:


Go ahead! Can you send it to me via email or is it available online? And when do you need it ? :slight_smile:


It is a link in the thread :stuck_out_tongue: but here again: more specifically here as markdown


Sorry. I didn’t see the survey question when I opened the repository the first time.



Thanks Alex! What did you think about the questions? Any comments, suggestions?


I commented the corresponding issue :slight_smile:


Thanks! I’ll take a look in a bit


Dear Goshers,

The first version of the survey is now live! It can be found here:

The landing page for the project is here:

I would appreciate if you could share it with your contacts and networks! If you are on social media, here is a tweet that would love to see some retweets: