Making You a Better Maker - A Free Electronic Textbook for Makers

I am debuting a free-to-you electronic maker education textbook.

Making You a Better Maker: A KEEN-Focused Maker E-Textbook
To download the textbook, see the link above.

Making You a Better Maker KEEN card
Making You a Better Maker textbook web site
Making You a Better Maker Canvas course

Highlights that should interest you are in the following chapters.

Chap. 1 – KEEN’s 3C’s, Questions & Issues Sheets, Assessment,
Cards, Entrepreneurship, KEEN-Focused Design Process,
and Designing & Building the Prototype

Chap. 10 – The Basics of Making Labs

LabView-Based Computer Programming,
Wiring, Soldering,
Arduino (Blink, Temperature, Load Cell, pH, Salinity),
Motors (Stepper, Servo, and DC), Robot Control,
3D Printing, Laser Cutting,
Editing G Code and Avoiding/Correcting Misprints,
LabSmith Microfluidic Flow (ref. 14 in this link),
Electrochemical Concentration Monitoring,
Bucknell Speaker Box (ref. 1 in this link)

You can download the book (now under review) here.

Happy reading,
Jim Brenner

Prof. Jim Brenner
Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomedical Engineering
Nanotechnology Minor Advisor
Maker Minor Advisor
Florida Tech
150 West University Blvd.
256 Olin Engineering Bldg.
Melbourne, FL 32901

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