Making Waves: Open Hardware as a Solution to Scaling up Bycatch Mitigation

Hi all, sharing an upcoming OScH event from Arribada:

Join Arribada on Monday, July 31st, together with members of the Gathering for Open Science Hardware (GOSH) community for the first of two workshops focused on the accidental entanglement of marine species (bycatch).

We will discuss why we believe bycatch occurs, how open hardware and science solutions could help to better understand, monitor and mitigate bycatch, and how we could collectively infuse openness into marine conservation policy globally.

Register here!

This a workshop for anyone interested in;

  • Understanding bycatch and current mitigation techniques
  • Wanting to contribute to the development of open solutions
  • Seeking support to access the ocean and test prototypes
  • Discussing openness in marine conservation policy

As advocates for open solutions, and as consortium members of the Clean Catch Joint Action to Reduce Wildlife Bycatch Initiative, Arribada’s team of marine conservationists and engineers will walk you through existing open solutions available today, new emerging community inspired ideas, and the barriers that may be preventing the development, adoption and implementation of open hardware, science and community-led research at a policy level.

With a particular focus on the entanglement of cetaceans (whales, dolphins & porpoises) seabirds, seals and elasmobranchs (sharks, skates and rays), we’ll also unpack actions that could be taken to reduce or remove the barriers we believe may be limiting the open hardware community from seeing solutions make it from prototype to scale, with talks from organisations working to establish new ways to accelerate the testing of prototype instruments at sea and who are working on new low-cost pathways to enabling rapid development opportunities for open hardware and science tinkerers.