Looking for Reviewers for the Journal of Open Hardware

Dear All,

The Journal of Open Hardware has two books up for review:

If you are interested in reviewing one of these books, get in touch with us and tells us how it intersects with your current research work. We will provide you with a copy. Your review will be peer-reviewed before it goes public.

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@hpy @amchagas @ryanfobel @oli.keller: would you be interested?

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Yes I would be honoured. I’ve done academic peer review before and would be very happy to help review them. What do I need to do?

Hi @unixjazz, thanks a lot for the invite, but I’m completely out of time at the moment. Don’t want to say I’ll do it, and then do a crappy job… Sorry!

Hi @unixjazz, actually I’m currently reading The Hardware Hacker as it was recommended by a friend. I didn’t know Bunnie and his blog before, but followed the Chumby project enthusiastically for several years. So I’m really enjoying the book, maybe that’s already too much bias… :wink: Do you have a certain format in mind for the review?

Hey Oliver,

I still have a Chumby hacker board with me :wink:
Yes, they did open hardware when there was no open-hardware so to speak.

Pen volunteered last week, so No Starch Press shipped him a copy of the book. He will be working on the review of the book.

We still have a copy of “Openism” if you are interested in reviewing it!

Thanks a lot for your willingness to contribute.