Looking for point people for two sections of the GOSH roadmap/compass

Hi all,

We’re starting to get organized on next steps for the roadmap/compass. We’re in need of point people for two sections:

  • Institutional support
  • Research to support open science hardware

If you’re interested please respond to this forum thread or email me (shannon@publiclab.org) and I’ll get you started/connected with others interested in working on these topics.

Being a section point person basically means that you’ll work on drafting the initial outline, support the vast numbers of people who volunteered to write and edit (thank you-- more coming soon to these folks!) each section and work with the other section point people on creating a final cohesive draft.

Let me know if you have any questions, Shannon


I am interested by the Research to support OSH.

Now, I am moving from Cameroon to Québec. In a couple of days, I will submit to you the report of the two events on OSH held in Cameroon…:slight_smile:

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@unixjazz “Research to support open science hardware” sounds like it might be for you.

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