Looking for help in a new project (Raman Spectrometer )

Hello guys, since a few months ago i started worked in a project alone.
Is a spectrometer using the raman technique.

The basics of the technique is described here:

This is a very versatile equipment that can be used in many fields of science, specially for research in material science and medicine, using this instrument attached in an optical microscope.

I have five years of experience in product design, specially last four years I worked with 3d printers, so I decided bring my knowledge to this project helping the scientific community with an affordable and easy to build raman spectrometer.

I’m looking for people interested in this field of technology to help me in the development, if you like optics, lasers, programming, electronics you are invited to help me with this challenge.

My reason to start this project is that I believe that the humanity development is intrinsically related with science development, and the science belongs to everyone, so this project was thought thinking in that researchers that doesn’t have a lot of budget or infrastructure and needs affordable tools to work.

This is the project repository.

I just started feed the repository now, feel free to ask me about everything.

Vinicius Miguel

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Hi Vinicius,
good to see that you sent a message here too! :slight_smile:
I’m just writing to tag some people I think might be interested in this, or might also know who is: @kaspar, @gbathree, @dusjagr, @ryanfobel

Good luck!

Thank you André!
Welcome people!

This is great! Definitely think this could be very useful to the community. I am currently swamped with other projects, but I am eager to follow this project and hopefully contribute when time allows :wink:


Massively important. Raman, and other similar technologies, are particularly useful as open technologies because of the need to build reference libraries to make them interpretable. If you have open data and cross collaboration, those reference libraries become easier and cheaper to make, and we could have a snowball effect of use --> value --> use --> value as more people are involved. Also, there are changes in the world of LEDs and detectors which are making the expensive parts of Raman less expensive, so getting designs in place now is smart so when the price comes down you’re basically already done.

If you need help sourcing, I have a lot of contacts with Hamamatsu and they supports the single pixel camera project - if you make some progress and get collaborators, it’s possible you could get some support there as well (if you’re using their stuff of course).

I also am slammed and am (finally!) going to ship all the parts for the single pixel camera project, but I would love to contribute to this at some point. Please keep posting here as you make progress, people will climb on for sure as time opens up in their schedule.