Looking for collabors for a proposal to the Transformative Innovation Policy (TIP) Conference

Ni! I’m looking for people interested in proposing a panel discussion or some other format (see the post) about Open Hardware and GOSH at this conference:

This is a relevant conference in innovation studies and an opportunity to showcase open hardware to a community that includes a number of policy advisors and policy makers.

It is a main event of the European Forum for Studies of Policies for Research and Innovation (EUSPRI).

If this speaks to you, feel free to contact me here or in private! The current deadline is August 20, but I’ve been told that it will be extended until early September.



Hi Ale, I’m interested, let me know how I can help.

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Ni! Quick update: me and @jarancio are meeting on Tuesday to discuss this. Send a sign if you’d like to participate. .~´

Feel free to get inspired and remix from pour intervention at Canadian Science Policy Center event in 2017

Sensorica Events: SENSORICA at the #CSPC2017 - Canadian Science Policy Center

Also, see more on the Sensorica website about open science.

More context on fourth sector

Feel free to join our forum and continue the exchange.

Update: The deadline for submissions has effectively been extended to September 4. .~´

Update: we’re finally meeting this Friday at 9:00 UTC.

Ni! We’re now preparing proposals for both the above TIP and the OpenForum Europe meetings, wih the main idea of test-driving the GOSH Policy Briefs with/against these innovation policy communities. .~´

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