Looking for a roommate in Shenzhen

Hi guys,

Let’s use this channel to book accommodation in pairs so that we save up on the costs. I am looking for a roommate from 10-13 October near the conference venue (i.e. University Town of Shenzhen).

Please ping if anyone is up for shared accommodation so that we can book together.


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Hey Shubhi,

I was almost about to post that. I am also looking for a roommate, So if you haven’t found one yet we can roomie together.


Hey Dorry, Nice to meet you :slight_smile:
Can you please provide your email address/whatsapp number/facebook ID so that we can talk offline?


You can reach out to me on shubhi3296@gmail.com

Hello there,

I am looking for a roommate too near the conference venue.

Hi! I’m also looking for a roommate to stay in Vienna Hotel. Or are there any other places? :slight_smile:

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Hey Padmal,

Can we be roomies? :smiley:

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That’s awesome! :smiley:

Hi! I’m looking for someone to share a room at the Vienna Hotel.
Also, anyone in NYC want to hold hands through the visa process??

Can’t help with the roommate part, but I’m in the middle of the visa process with the NYC office (I had to use an agent though because I’m not in the city) and will let you know if I run into hiccups.

Thanks @shannond

Perhaps we should start a separate visa thread…

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Hey! I am also looking for a roomie in Vienna or similar hotels! :

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Hey @Pollock sure!
You can email me. my eddress is my username @gmail.com

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Hey Padmal,

My email is prayush@karkhana.asia ping me any time :smiley:

I am also looking for rommies! ideally from the 9th. Thanks yall!

I am also looking for a roomie in the Vienna, I am staying from the 09th till 14th. if anyone is still searching PM me.
Found some one.

Hi All,

I am also looking for a roommate.


Hi All, I am also looking for a roommate from 9 - 13 October, Vienna hotel. Please let me know if you are still searching. Thanks. Beatrice.

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Dear All,

This is Dr. Sai Bhaskar Reddy from Hyderabad, India. I am also looking for a roommate in Shenzhen. It would be convenient to plan the visa process and travelling together from India. If anyone interested, please send me msg to my skype id: saibhaskarnakka or personal email: saibhaskarnakka@gmail.com.

Sai Bhaskar

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Hey, I am looking for accommodation around the same time at Vienna hotel!