List of various OScH/OH/open science communities!

Hi everyone!

I am interested in keeping track of various open science hardware (OScH), open hardware (OH), open science, etc. communities and networks that are relevant to the GOSH community! Having a list of these groups is useful for curating information for the GOSH newsletter, sharing announcements related to GOSH events and programs like the Gatherings, regional events funding, and collaborative development program, and more general knowledge management within the GOSH community.

This post is a wiki! So please add any relevant organizations, groups, communities you can think of to the list below. If you are able to link to any listservs, newsletters, and/or forums for the groups you mention, that would be ideal! :slight_smile: If you have any issues editing this post, feel free to just respond to this forum thread instead.

List of OScH/OH/open science communities/networks relevant to GOSH:


Good idea! I’ve added Safecast for now, will come back if/when I think of more. Thanks for doing this @briannaljohns!

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