List of Projects

It would be nice have a list of OSH projects that the community members will be showcasing at the GOSH 2018 meet up (and from members of the community that are not able to attend)!

Lets create a topic to start such a discussion :slight_smile:


Hey all!
I would like to bring my artificial flower, it feeds and traines honey bees. (
And I will bring parts / material about a honey bee monitoring system with the potential to monitor all kind of environmental values in high temporal resolution. (
Last but not least a extracellular amplifier I build that is performing better than the commercial stuff in our lab. It runs on battery and has 2 channels. (


yes yes… bring as much as you can!

this counts for all participants. we’ll have enough space and time to have our demo / prototypes / ideas / products set-up through.out the GOSH activities and we’d love to see as much “hardware” as possible.