LIBRE_hub Seminar on 12 Dec | Open-Source Low-field MRI

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I thought this webinar by @lwinter next week might be of interest!


Dear community,

We want to share with you our next activity. We invite you to the next LIBRE_hub seminar this December 12th at 11.00 (Chilean time) via Zoom, where we will welcome Dr. Lukas Winter who will give the talk “Open-Source Low-field MRI: Roadmap to the clinic”.

In a brief preview, Dr. Winter gives us the next abstract:

The Open Source Imaging Initiative (OSI²) was founded in 2016 with the ultimate goal to build an MR scanner that is based on Open-Source Hardware and Open-Source Software. A few years later the first prototypes mostly based on open-source components demonstrate excellent image quality and give an idea of the immense potential of the research community to collaboratively engage in such complex projects. The next steps are being taken right now, by scaling these preliminary efforts to a wider scientific community, involving industry and translating these results into the clinic. The talk will highlight the strategy, challenges and opportunities of this novel approach to open-source science that not only includes data and code, but also physical hardware and its documentation for regulatory approval. These open science practices are more than providing reproducible results. Medical hardware based on open-source designs has a huge innovation and cost saving potential both for the device and the service market through cheaper machines, access to information and more competition alike. Most importantly, open-source science is building the missing bridge to currently excluded researchers and patients in resource poor settings.

We would be pleased if you could be present and participate in a discussion of these ideas by clicking on the following Zoom link:

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